About Us

It is our vision that anyone who is a support to the positive growth of the incarcerated, get to feel S.A.F.E. (Support, Assistance, Fellowship, Education). Friends, families, loved ones and even their supporters, should one day be respected rather than ridiculed for their faith and strength while they are essentially joining in the battle against recidivism. Without affiliation to, and regardless of religion, race, or sexual orientation, S.A.F.E. programs would one day be available in great abundance.


It is our mission to provide Support, Assistance, Fellowship, and Education. We would like these programs to be available nationally as well as recognized as an anti-recidivism organization by the federal government.

Support: The Other Side of the Glass has regular meetings where one can meet others in similar situations as themselves. At these meeting we discuss some of the troubles we may be facing and what we as a community can do to take care of them. Often times we accept problems as "just being how it is" however if many of us are facing the same issue we can use the strength of our unity to our advantage.

Assistance: Several forms of assistance should be available from food, clothing, holiday gifts, utilities, and gifts to or from incarcerated loved ones. The available programs will be determined by resource availability, which at this time is by donation only.

Fellowship: Aside from the regular support meetings where one can meet others in similar situations as themselves; The Other Side of the Glass has lots of social events. The events are created by the community for the community so, they are always comfortable for people in all of the different rolls that we play from child to grandparent and anyone in between.

Education: The Other Side of the Glass seeks out trained professionals to come in and assist us in making sure we are being and becoming the healthiest supporters we can be for our loved ones. This is our strongest weapon against recidivism, to keep our loved ones home once they get there.


1.WE HAVE TO WORK TOGETHER- we all have enough odds against us and we have
to stick together as a community to reach our Vision.

2. STAY OPEN MINDED- we all have our own story as to how we got to where we are today.

3. BE HONEST- it is our naked honesty that binds us together and makes our community possible.

4. THIS IS A S.A.F.E. PLACE- a place of Support, Assistance, Fellowship, and Education.

5. SHARE, SHARE, SHARE- share the things that have helped you stay strong and supportive with others. Share The Other Side of the Glass with as many people that may benefit from our community or vice versa. Share our S.A.F.E. place with our incarcerated loved ones and urge them to continue this sharing process.